"Studenten" - Graduation Ball.

The nineteen year olds are graduating from school at the moment and there are lots of things happening in town. This evening there is a formal ball at one of the more traditional (slightly dusty) venues, St Petri Lodge. 

Many students will arrive in gorgeously renovated and preserved American cars. In this shot there are two, in town I saw 6 or 7. I know there were more because I got stuck in the queue of traffic as they dropped people off after having meandered up the main drag at snail's pace. I was aiming to get a look at the marvellous gowns and the happy faces but I gave up after 15 minutes.

This slow procession of American vintage cars goes on every weekend for the warmer half of the year. Slowly. Often with alcohol involved, but obviously the designated driver is very sober - the cars are worth a fortune! There are more of these cars here in Sweden than anywhere else apart from the USA I believe.

This pink job had done the circuit at least twice and as things were going so sedately I snapped it. Careless youth, nicely turned out. 

My friend's daughter is graduating and her parents are here from Ireland for the event. We spent the day together which was a proper treat. They are the opposite of the harshness of the DUP, complete with gentle accents from the south. I could listen all day!

Wishing everything good in the lives of all these young people leaving school this week, the ones I know and the ones I don't. It's a big change, and a milestone in life. And some of them got to arrive in a pink, vintage machine!

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