By serpentine

Grotesque on Chew Stoke Church

Out with the U3A Discovering Villages group - beautiful sunny day to walk around the village and up onto the hill beyond to see the lay of the land.  Felt so foolish for I took a tumble on a rough gritty pavement and bled like a stuck pig in several several places but that cleaned it all up  -  the camera is fine and I am too thank goodness.

This is a grotesque or chimera – not a gargoyle which is a water spout designed to shoot water away from a building.  They were used as decorative pieces and the word grotesque applies to any fanciful human or animal form, particularly caricatures or absurdities. Sometimes they were practical pieces such as corbels or capitals which were designed to support.

Thanks so much for all the stars and comments recently - am finding it hard to keep up just at the moment but they are so much appreciated.

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