Art on the Farm

What do people look for when they go around Open Studios?
They hope to meet artists working in their own studio or workshops.  Too often though what they find is that the artists have turned one of their living areas into a mini exhibition. While this may work for one or two or even three years returning visitors expect to see something more.
Few artists in Forth Valley, our area , have dedicated working spaces, all too often it’s the spare bedroom, garage or conservatory that doubles up as a studio, ( and I include myself among them).
So, now what we are seeing is thart artists are forming groups and showing together which makes sense.
Today I visited one group operating out of a big furniture workshop on a farm. Paintings were hung between or on pieces of machinery.
And it worked. The man behind the venture is Paul Howarth, a former advertising executive who knows the importance of a professional approach to marketing works of art.

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