Sticking Dolphins.....

.... on my head, and why not!

Had a very busy afternoon with Isabella.  The rain is still pouring down, so no playing outside.

Still, we managed to keep ourselves occupied.  She had two plates of spaghetti cheese for lunch, and chose which books she wanted read to her.

Then she played with some of the toys she got for her birthday.  I'd also changed a few things around, so she spent a bit of time exploring, where I'd put some of her toys.

We also, spent some time colouring, and sticking.  The favourite place for the stickers at the moment, is the coffee table.

We also had lots of time singing and dancing. I sang,  ' Ride a Cock Horse,' whilst she sat on the rocking horse.  And then I lost count of the amount of times I sang, 'Horsey, Horsey,' whilst she danced around.

I was saved by her mum coming home.

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