By Veronica

In the garden

My photos have been total duds the last few days. In order to avoid a massive gap, I have to post today's attempt. The hot weather continues ... here we are in the garden as it's "only" 28C at 9 p.m. Rosé, nibbles, pork kebabs, happy lounging, speculation about politics.

Brief summary of the last few days -- we went to the cinema twice. The first time to see Japanese director Kore-eda's new film After the Storm. Apart from us, there were two other audience members and one of them left before the end. It was good, but I didn't like it as much as the other two films of his we've seen. The cinema was rather stuffy as the air conditioning was broken.

Last night was the end-of-year session at the Cine Club: two Cuban films with a buffet in between. This was very well attended ... there must have been 70 people there. Lots of opportunities to mingle with people we know, including the unexpected appearance of B with some friends. I liked the first film, Viva -- in Spanish but directed by an Irishman. It was a kind of sub-Almodovar tale revolving around a club where the entertainment is male torch singers in drag. The story was pretty hackneyed I suppose, but  the music and scenery were lovely, and the acting good as well. I liked Chala less, but mainly because of the dog fighting scenes (I had to shut my eyes). The 11-year-old boy who played the lead part was really excellent. I have to say that neither film made Cuba look like a socialist paradise. The air conditioning was definitely working -- it was flipping freezing in there, and we were glad to get outside into the warm. Home by midnight.

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