I thought my taste buds had DIED.

THEN I realised I'd picked up the wrong bottle.
Alice had developed a taste for Gin, so we had a wee nip at 23:00. I've kept up the ceremony, but added the Tonic; maybe a touch more generously though.
For quite a few days I thought that either my taste buds had died, were on strike, or I'd lost my liking for it.
It wasn't until it was ready for recycling that I realised what had happened.
I've included the extra for "Aunty Val"...
My total stock. 2 flowering, one waiting to and a brace of babies.
The other, apparently, is a "Zygopetalum sen-sation". And YES spill chucker, they ARE words, they ARE correct, so BOG OFF!
I've often wondered, but never checked, what % of the year I can see an Orchid flower.
#3 - Centre, was in flower on 6th Dec.
#1 - Right, was well in flower 5th Feb
#4 - Left, was just in bud was in tight bud same date.

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