The second half of life..

By twigs

Food fight

Up and at 'em at 5.00am to watch the America's Cup racing.  Nervous times, but the Team NZ crew made short work of the Oracle crew not once but twice!  It's not going to be this straightforward each time we race, but it sure is nice to be a step closer to the final desired outcome.  Early days though - more duels on the water tomorrow morning.  I'll be there!

Speaking of duels, I refilled the bird feeder which created quite a frenzy in the back garden.  I spent some time simply watching the birds........a lovley way to 'escape' on a Sunday afternoon.  Whilst the  Green finches may be the most colourful of my visitors I also think they're the most hostile.  If there were any squabbles about perches a greenfinsh was almost invariably involved.

(Whilst this was shot in daylight, the bottle is hanging under a tree which obviously causes some shade.  The ISO of my camera is becomng very frustrating in these kind of conditions - so much noise.  A new camera is beginning to look much more likely.)

Had a visitor this evening -  the daughter of a friend of a friend who is looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of months.  When R-A asked me it seemed it was the least I could do - my spare room is sitting unused so it may as well have someone in it.  I think we'll get along just fine!  Just got a final few things to sort out then we'll each decide if we think it's a goer.

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