By SmartYin

Brand New Key

One of many random buildings in Moscow with artwork on the gable end. This appears to be an advert though.

Anyway, this is also a picture which involves an ale house, this one going by the weird and wonderful Dog's Beard. No, I don't know where they got the name either.

It's just a new bar I heard about so thought I'd try it. You'd have to know it was there, like a lot of bars in Moscow. This one was to the left of the building in a cellar with very little signage. If I want looking for it, I would never have found it. This habit of tucking bars out of sight has led to the better third regularly accusing me of not liking a bar unless it's down a dark, unlit alley. She may have a point. However, while this bar was friendly enough, I did not really go for the choice of beers.

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