(Fairly) Early Morning by the Canal

We awoke well before 6 a.m. today as it was so warm, so decided to go for a walk as it was probably the best part of the day.
We walked from Wilmcote along the canal towpath to Stratford. Actually it was more of a saunter as it took the best part of 2 hours. We then caught a train back to Wilmcote, where we had left our car.
There were plenty of damselflies about, and I think that this one is a Banded Demoiselle (although I'm not positive - it could be a Beautiful Demoiselle - it certainly was beautiful).  They were flitting about, taking advantage of the fact that it was still not quite scorchio.
My extra is a lovely swan family. Dad was standing on the towpath, trying to menace anyone (including us) who wanted to walk past him.
There were plenty of people out early - narrow boat owners and hirers, joggers, and dog-walkers. Not as many as there would be later on though. We met some lads on a narrow boat and they said that they couldn't even moor up in Stratford yesterday evening as there were so many boats. 

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