Introducing .....


As I mentioned on Thursday this little female has been a regular visitor to our backyard of late and has gotten quite friendly .... much to my delight.  

I decided to put that to the test this morning and see if I could get her to take food from my hand.  And as you can see she clearly did!  What an absolute thrill!  I have never been able to do this before ... not even at Beech Forest Trail in Cape Cod! 

Since she is such a regular visitor I wanted to give her a name .... I don't ordinarily name the wildlife as there are simply too many squirrels and birds to keep track of by name.  Scutter is just about the only exception as he has a short tail and is easy to recognize. 

I had come up with a couple of names for her and was going to put it out to a vote to my blip friends!  And then she "nibbled" on the my finger while trying to take a peanut! Nibbles it was after that!

I have had to backblip for the past few days (starting on the Thursday link above) and it wasn't entirely my fault!  We have been without internet since Friday morning ... it was finally restored late Saturday night.

Backblipped: June 18, 2017

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