MonoMonday: Doing Silly Things!

"As easy as falling off a log bike"!  (Don't worry, I didn't really fall off my bike this morning!)

Dollykgray would like us to describe and illustrate something silly which we've done for today's MM.

When I was about 9 years old we had some caravan holidays on my Dad’s cousin’s farm near Aberdeen. We used to take our bikes so that we could pedal freely around the farm tracks. One day I was pedalling faster than I should down a slope with a 90 degree turn at the bottom and didn’t slow down enough for the turn. The track was surfaced with loose gravel: experienced cyclists will no doubt recognise the scenario - the faster one turns a corner the further over one has to lean the bike, and there comes a point when the loose gravel can no longer resist the sideways force....crash, ouch!! How silly! It’s even sillier to think that I’ve made the same mistake on several occasions since then. Doh!

I decided to take advantage of today’s lovely weather to go for a ride this morning on my (t)rusty old bike, pondering as I went what to do for my silly blip story. So as I turned a gravelled corner this morning I remembered my past idiocy and took great care. But I decided to mock up the scenario for my blip. Passers-by must have wondered what on earth I was doing but I'm long past worrying about that. This photo is the result.

You may also note the multiple double knots on my trainer laces. I'm too mean to buy proper cycling shoes and am no longer silly enough to go cycling with large loops of lace flapping around and have them catch in the sprockets...

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