just when you thought it was safe

Snot? Phlegm from a runner too zoned to swallow it and too stupid to run somewhere less traffic-fume-filled than the Cowgate? Phlegm of Ned? Pneuma of Woodbine-sucking codger? Foul though it is I've briefly studied a couple of presumably-ned-derived spit-splats on the pavement recently with the intention of eventually blipping one and whining about it but they weren't particularly well-lit. Imagine my delight in finding such a treat this evening; well-illuminated and conveniently situated at head height. I did try to dislodge it in case anyone wandered into it but it really really didn't want to move very far.

After a fun couple of hours' faffing I now have PS installed in order to give it another go seeing as it's prepared to speak to Noise Ninja in 16-bit mode, unlike PSP. I'm trying hard not to consider the inconvenience of things not being where I expect them to be as a limitation of the application itself and am similarly restraining myself from expressing too much internal irritation at the insistence of the thing which jumps in every time an image is opened with lots of clever ideas about the white balance, tint, and various other parameters (none of which seem to be set to LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE by default) which might be useful when dealing with white-balanceable scenes but are slightly less useful when dealing with a streetlight-lit night scene. I've saved some import settings called "keep your filthy electric hands off.xmp" which will hopefully make tomorrow evening slightly easier. If it behaves itself it might stay even if the next version of PSP offers improved compatibility.

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