RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Dodging Rainstorms

The sky was overcast when I rode away from our apartment this morning, but I was convinced it would not rain. Boy was I wrong! I had just made it to town (about a 15 minute ride) when the skies opened. Fortunately there are lots of awnings over the sidewalks so I could stay out of the downpour. Unfortunately for the workers, they were left to the roadways which were not covered. I spent time from my dry perch taking photos of these pour devils slogging along in the rain. I think this mostly abstract image was a bit of an accident, I don't remember zooming during the eighth of a second exposure but the evidence is clearly there. It might have been my old 24-105 mm creeping as I panned the camera to get this shot. Oh well, sometimes luck is as important as planning. I was lucky getting home as well, timing my ride to avoid even a sprinkle (road spray was another matter, however).

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