By Veronica

Daily bread

It seems like ages since I did a market blip, so here it is. Extra: the flower stall which I often photograph but rarely buy from -- the flowers are cheap but usually on the cusp of wilting (not necessarily a bad thing if you are a blipper).

On this boiling hot day I got there early, but it was still heaving with people, and I didn't buy much. At home we stayed indoors again most of the day -- the hottest so far I think. S bravely roasted a chicken -- then once it got a bit cooler we took it down to the garden to eat, along with salad and tinto de verano, to the sound of crickets and birdsong. So glad we have this garden.

Now back, I am mad enough to bake bread, so we have retreated to the one remaining cool(ish) room in the house. La Fête de la Musique is no doubt happening somewhere, but not here.

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