and now for some art . . . icad #21

The days keep marching by . . . 
Is it June 21st already? Something I do to keep me in tune is to take a few minutes each day and simply create. The index-card-a-day, or ICAD project really helps! The idea is to use an index card which is not precious (a package of 100 is cheap!) and do something, anything creative. I made some goals this year for the challenge: One was to use cards with a bit of background on them already, when ever I needed or wanted to. This helps me because then I am not facing a blank page, it's already started. I will put a bit of paint on a card, as a background, perhaps when I am doing another project and have leftover paint on my brush. It works! 

This card above was created from extra paint on a piece of translucent deli paper, that I sewed to the card when the paint was dry. Another one of my goals was to use fabric and stitching on my cards more this year and stating that as a goal has made it come true. I also did collage on top of the sewn deli paper/index card sandwich, using bits of paper i had saved in a box from other projects. A little bit of gold spray and iridescent oil pastels and I was done! 

The ICAD challenge is the brainchild of Tammy Garcia - Daisy Yellow. She orchestrates this every year, June 1st - July 31st. You can do it on your own but there is a Facebook group too. 61 day of small creative acts. Learn more here: -This is my 5th year participating and  cannot recommend it enough! Start whenever you like, you do not need to do all 61 days :)

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