Not my intended blip ...............

 ............. but I "captured" one of next door's cats just in case my planned blip didn't happen - as you can see, it didn't.

I'd hoped to meet a blip-buddy and a blip-pup (the blip-pup was to be my subject for today) up in Edinburgh - sadly, because of work (hers, not mine), it wasn't possible - that's the second time we have been "thwarted" but, hopefully, third time lucky - whenever that may be!!!  

Instead you get a Ginger Ninja.    This young cat teases Mister Whisper by sitting on the fence or climbing up the cherry tree (just out of reach) and staring at him.  I found Whisper, on his hind legs, on the bench under the tree trying to climb up the other day - he looked so funny.
I've started throwing the fallen cherries at the cat - don't think I've hit it once though - I don't want to hurt it but neither do I want it in the garden repeatedly - now when he/she sees me coming out the back door it's vamoosh!  Gone in a flash.  No need for cherry tossing anymore - lol.   
Cat lovers please don't be cross with me - but they have ten of them in the two bedroom bungalow next door and guess whose garden they use as a toilet??

Well, I was up at 03.00, took a flight, then drove 600 kms - now I am in my hotel (I am writing this on Thursday evening - the wi-fi in my Edinburgh hotel was diabolical) ......... today's photo (tomorrow's as you look at this - if that makes sense) - will probably be of this trendy hotel's bar!!   No time to take any other photos today aside from a rain storm from the car.

If you've got this far and understand my garbled account - thank you  :o))

~ Anni ~

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