the production line

Weird weather, and the gods had it in for me today. Every time I got my gardening togs on the heavens opened. Same for Keith and his roofing... After the third time of being tricked into thinking the sun would last, I ran up the hill to Betty's and got creative.

I have a supply of the beautiful sturdy (strong and stable even ) boxes that iPads come in. When my department was buying 60 of them my colleague remembered my tendencies and asked if I'd like some. oh yes! It's a wonderful resource to have, and I've used them in many different ways. Today I combined the free boxes with the discarded-due-to-age map book of the UK to make a box for me. Re-use, re-do!

Me? Well yes, because it's my home area on the map! I made that yesterday and it looked fine today, dried smoothly and so on. So I made a Harrow & Wealdstone one for Keith, and a couple of others that will be used to hold presents. All from things I judged far to good to throw into the recycling.

And then there's the oat cakes. the recipe now includes sesame seeds to roll the biscuits out on, otherwise they stick as I don't want to use regular flour. Oats smashed about in the blender so they are more like flour, equal amounts of oatmeal, olive oil, salt and water. Roll out and bake. Brilliant! 

It felt cosy to have the oven on, it's not exactly cold, but all the rain makes things feel chilly. Unlike the homeland where people are roasting, and boys and wearing skirts to school having been banned from wearing shorts. Excellent. 

In other roasting news; watched a bit of live broadcast from the mother of parliaments where Mrs May was making heavy weather indeed. Saw a 15 minute clip of JC addressing the house, he made the expected points well and refrained from too much "told you so" - I appreciate his attitude to personal attacks on people. However, I am always so disappointed by the heckling and the shouting, so that whoever is speaking has to bawl their words out or be drowned. Very uncivilised. The benefit cap has been ruled unlawful by the high court. much more civilised!

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