Happy Days...

Above: me and Lyds ...I'm the older, slightly weird looking one :-))))

7am: at the walk-in-hospital because a cut on my arm was a mess, but it didn't open until 8 :-)
8am: got it fixed ...I was first in the queue haha.

11am: Saw my lovely consultant.
"Am I well?" I asked
"You're results are so boring" he said. My creatinine is 83, which, for a transplant, is good.
"Can I lower my drugs as I think my arms might fall off". (One drug causes problems on my arms).
"No, and they won't" he said :-)
Then he asked if my top was new because I'd left the label on! Made me laugh. I dress up when I go ...to look worth saving :-)

Then I hopped on a train to London (we have lots of fast trains that only take 22 minutes) and went to Canary Wharf for a late lunch with eldest offspring, which was very nice.
Then I went to Old Street and met Lydia, above ...and had cocktails, which were decadent and lovely.
And then I caught a train back and met Adrian near the station, as he'd just returned from Southampton, which was handy :-)
And then I went home and ate chocolate, to celebrate :-)

Dieting can start again tomorrow :-)

...and I love London, it's so very interesting, I could write so much ...but I won't :-)

...and I look small, but I'm not, it's just that Lydia is 6'  :-)

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