Accidental fly

I was poking around among the hundreds of potted plants that one day will become my garden and decided to Blip a new frond of this lovely evergreen fern, Blechnum chilense. I called it Blechnum magellanicum at first and was glad that nobody pulled me up before I had a chance to change it!

When I downloaded the several pictures that I'd taken I discovered this fly sitting on a frond - I hadn't noticed it at the time. So I blew up a section of the frond instead of showing the whole thing.

Blechnum chilense is native, as you might suppose, to Chile and is a very common fern there. I've seen it growing along the roadsides for miles, just as Woodwardia radicans does in Madeira and bracken in Britain. 

The new fronds are delightfully pink and become dark green and very tough in maturity. It seems to be perfectly hardy in the UK and quite easy to grow - quite rampant in fact.

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