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Zoo Trip #62: Hawk Conservancy (Sat 17 June 2017)

I went back to the Hawk Conservancy Trust last Saturday to attend their Members Night and have a look at their fund-raising plant sale, sponsored by Hilliers. Arriving mid-afternoon I was in time to fly one of their Harris Hawks, Lincoln, supervised by James, one of their falconers. It's always a great joy to see a bird of prey land on your arm.
I also saw their final display of the day, the Woodland Owls, in the Silver Birch Glade. My favourite bird of all at the HCT has to be Troy, the tawny owl who was afraid of heights when he was 'rescued' as a chick and brought to the Centre. Unfortunately, by the time he arrived he had already been imprinted on his rescuers and so could never be reintroduced to the wild. He was reared and taught by Cedric and could only fly up to the level that Cedric was able to reach by leaping up ladders into the trees, not knowing it was safe to fly any higher. Troy is one of their greatest and most patient performers and I have seen him at every visit there, but have never blipped him until today.
I didn't have the greatest day, simply because I was struggling with the heat and becoming over stressed among the crowds as a result.

23.6.2017 (1615 hr)

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Hawk Conservancy Trust, 17 June 2017 (Flickr album of 22 images)

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