a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Closer to the heart

Flower Friday 23: Closer to the Heart

Its fascinating what you find once you start trying to take a photograph every day....  Of course sometimes its really hard to come up with inspiration, but thank heavens its Flower Friday today, so there are no problems in that department.  Many thanks for the continuing challenge Anni.  (As an aside, there are always so many entries for FF I never cease to be amazed that Anni manages to get around to seeing them all).

In the case of this little wallflower I was surprised to find ,nestling at its centre, a little lemon coloured heart that looks as though it is coated in sugar.  What a tempting sight to a pollinating insect!

Friday thank goodness.  A trying day at work, but its over now and I can take the time to relax and recuperate.  Next week promises to be truly frantic, but there's nothing that I can do in advance of Monday that hasn't already been done.

Enjoy your weekends.

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