A flowery surprise

This must rank under very fortunate mistakes. We're in Lisbon in a very nice hotel I booked via Booking.com.  We wanted to have dinner at the hotel tonight , so I went to the front desk to ask if it was necessary to book a table for two on a Friday night. Yes, the friendly lady at the desk said, we've only got 7 pm bookings or 10 pm bookings available. So I took the 7 pm booking . Then I went to find DJ who was at the hotel's entrance looking through a menu card. Turns out there are two restaurants here, now I had to find out  which one we were booked on and which one was best suited.  Apparently the fancy one was the one we/I booked and so we decided to try it out. This restaurant has a Michelin⭐️, not that we knew. !It was absolutely fabulous, although the waiters with black gloves were kind of scary. Image of one of the  amuse-bouches with flowers for FlowerFriday.

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