... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 110: One of the Family

Grow the gaggle further in large.

This was extraordinary: I. picked up a feather, the greylag family ran over thinking that it was food (perhaps), then got on with life as if she was one of them... See my series of shots by clicking right from "running over to investigate the giant gosling".
We found the Greylag family with five goslings (including one utterly adorable pale runty one), and also found a pair of greylags with two Canada goslings, which was slightly perplexing.

Today's other birdy shots are on Flickr here (or right from here).
Gosling Pilates
Pretty little preener
Flappy dance
Hand of God
Fuzzy Canada gosling
Babies and bokeh
Drinking / dribbling (= Blip alternative)

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