Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


Bugs ~ our Boston Terrier/Pug cross ~ otherwise known as a "Bugg" ~ has recently, somewhat belatedly, become obsessed with squirrels. Maybe because the cheeky guy who's my pal sits right above his head on the limb above this rock and placidly eats peanuts while Bugsy stares at him from below. When I took this photo there were at least three squirrels in and around the tree. I think he was looking at the back of the trunk where there was a squirrel who wanted to come down and eat the nuts that were on the ground, but every time he started down the other side of the tree Bugsy jumped down from the rock and chased him back up again. And while that circus was underway, Cheeky was just calmly eating the entire pile of peanuts up above.

It's all quite silly!

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