Gliding Taster Day

Having retrieved Mr T from hospital at 2.30 yesterday by 3pm he decided he would be fit to go to the Gliding Club, so after packing food for the caravan and clothes etc for us we set off and arrived just in time for a G&T at 6pm!! Mr T slept well with only a few 'ouches' when he turned over, needless to say I slept lightly!

Today is the Club's ' Gliding Taster Day' when flying will take place from Dawn til dusk (weather permitting, of course) trial lesson gift vouchers redeemed and anyone interested in gliding can have a go. It's been a great success with the first gliders being rigged at 4am (another ouch) and the first flight of the day got away at just after 5.30am. Pete had a fabulous 2 hour flight and also had the last flight of the day, landing just after 9pm. Visitors had pre-booked their trial lessons and over the course of the day around 80 visitor launches were taken. Sadly the weather closed in at 4pm so there was a lull in proceedings, but by 6ish things improved and more flying commenced. The Club House was full to bursting all day with visitors and their families and the kitchen staff coped brilliantly. We saw many slightly apprehensive faces before their flights - but I loved seeing, almost without exception, happy, ecstatic and enigmatic faces afterwards!

Everyone has worked so hard today, even Mr T (but on light duties only), Dinner was really late and there are a lot of very tired people around, all worth it though and the day has proved to be a great success.

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