Almost got every plant in the ground when the heavens went from sunny and calm, to windy and downpour in the space of less than a minute. Drenched in no time! Well, it's good for the garden and as we are being told that the water table is lower than it should be, and wells will be drying out and perhaps rationing will be needed... I should be GLAD!

So we changed into some more respectable clothes and went into town to collect our little car that has been on loan to friends. It's lovely to be able to offer the "extra" car (2009 Picanto) to visitors. It is worth so little if we sell it that I guess we'll keep 2 cars till that one is worn out - even though we don't often need 2 cars now we aren't working.

Went shopping. The excitement! I haven't left the village for 10 days, been busy...digging and that. So Lidl and the fabulously inappropriately-for-English-speakers named "Willys" were duly raided and a big shop done. We have guest arriving tomorrow so it's good to have something in the fridge!

Calle din on Rose and had a coffee, met her new colleague. These unexpected meetings are so refreshing. You don't get a lot of those when gardening all day and every day. Must remember that!! 

I thought this foray into the outside world should be my blip but forgot to do anything about taking photographs till I was driving the toy car home. So this is the dramatic sky as I came over the hill from town, on the home stretch. It began to rain quite fiercely all of a sudden, and I snapped it as I drove slowly on an almost empty road. This is the E4, the main road north/south, in many places the only road to choose.

I like the power lines crossing the sky, and the promise of the blue sky. We are not getting that summer feeling all that strongly at the moment!

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