Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


It looks like we'll be a bit short of sunshine this week, so I thought I'd make the most of a warm, bright evening and take a walk down to Tong Park on my way back home from the station after work.

There were plenty of Meadow Brown and Ringlet about, and lots of small moths in the grass: Straw Dot, the usual crambids and Agapeta hamana, which was a new one for me but is a common species.

For dragonflies there was a Banded Demoisellle, Common Blue Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly.

I had another glimpse of the Kingfisher on the dam, this time it flashed by a couple of feet in front of me, but then I lost it in the bushes.

Earlier, I'd seen Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Large Skipper and a burnet moth at the usual derelict plot just off the edge of campus.

Still no sign of Small Skipper this year for me locally, but they'll be out there somewhere, and I should make a more determined effort to track down White Letter Hairstreak this year.

For today though, let's revel in the Ringlet, my favourite summer butterfly.

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