My Companion, Yoda-Puss

It's been far too long since I've posted a blip featuring my loyal companion, Dexter the Tabby. I was working at home on this day, as I usually do on Mondays, and he was taking a bath as I was typing away on the computer. It's a lot of work to keep that bib, belly fuzz, and paws as white as white can be.

Dexter was sitting in a funny pose while he was taking his bath, and I thought he looked a bit like the character Yoda, from the Star Wars movies. Or Buddha, maybe. Dexter goes by many names. Fuzz-Boy. Tabbers. Buddy-Boo. Boo Bunzler. Dexteroonie. So we can add Yoda-Puss to the mix.

I've been packing my suitcase, preparing to go on a grand adventure this week that will involve travels by train, boat, bus, and automobile to reach my final destination: the beach in Atlantic City, with my oldest sister. When I get the suitcase out, Dexter climbs in. He wants the first item on my packing list to be this: One Tabbycat, Size Rather Large.

I hate to leave him, as well as the bigger fuzz-boy who will be taking care of him while I'm gone. They both get depressed when I leave - we are a small but tight-knit family - but honestly, I'll only be gone two nights, and I think they can manage that long without me.

Likewise, I'll be away from blip for a few days, as I will have no computer or phone access while I'm gone. Yes, I'm going completely unplugged for a few days! So here's a shot of Dexter, as Yoda-Puss, to tide us over till I get back. I promise there will be lots of pictures and stories to share when I do!

The soundtrack for this silly image is also a silly song: Weird Al Yankovic, with the parody tune Yoda.

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