A morning trip into Sheffield to collect my laptop from the Mac-repair people followed by lunch with my brother at Cannon Hall.  I'd switched the laptop on when I got it home and plugged in the back-up drive and all appeared to be well.  When we got home after lunch - nothing!  The laptop appeared completely dead.  I was a bit concerned about whether my charger had been damaged, so a quick trip to see Brian to try out his lead.  Seemed to be the same, so eliminated that as a problem.  Some sounds from laptop as it rebooted but nothing on screen.  So after reading a few problem solving forums I tried plugging it in to my big screen.  There is some activity but it fails to load properly!  I wish now I'd gone for the replacement option - I still might have to.  Our internet is still not good so that's another problem to try and sort out again.  Oh computers!!!  So I was left with no option but to try and cobble together the feedback and images for our camera club feedback on the Happiness theme using my old laptop (which won't download from the BOX online storage site) and my iPad.  

p,s, Blipping as almost been a struggle too far this week, though I have got images for the missing days.

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