I was not going to get my camera wet

We spent most of the day travelling up to Filey but stopped off for a quick lunch before cutting off the main road and heading into the Yorkshire Wolds towards Thixendale and into David Hockney territory.

Yorkshire born and bred, I went to school near Wetherby and every Whitsun we spent a week in Filey, but we never went near The Wolds. Why I don't know. It is the most beautiful scenery imaginable and a photographers paradise. I always thought anything around York was flat and boring. Wrong.

However, it was heaving with rain so we made do with a visit to Robert Fuller's Art Gallery, where he has various video cams set up in nests around the area including Barn Owls, Kestrels, and a stoat plus one other I can't remember. Well worth a visit although I wasn't too keen on his paintings.

We met up with Riversider and L at our hotel for a drink and a natter and they've given us a few pointers for our proposed trip to Bempton Cliffs tomorrow. We just hope it's not still raining.

This is the restaurant in our little gem of a hotel.

Many thanks for all the stars and hearts for two of my pictures, which are riding high on the popular pages.

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