Study Buddy

Four years ago today!!! After a long drag of studying part time I graduated with my law degree from Strathclyde University.

I don't like my photograph being taken and am usually behind the camera but on this occasion I was well and truly in focus.

Here I am pictured with my study buddy Kirsty. We met at matriculation and hit it off straight away and we both had similar views and work ethic which allowed us to share opinions and ideas and help each other along the often rocky road.

I loved my time at uni and loved the challenge of law and the many disciplines. It is funny how when you are told from a young age you will never achieve anything in life it was very satisfying to be able to take this and my other degree and tell the teacher who told me that that I had really achieved quite a bit and was not the "waster" he used to call me.

It is strange how things like that stick with a person and how many people would have believed they would amount to nothing, I didn't start studying until I was in my thirties but I did this for me, I did this to show those who wrote me off I was a better person than they thought.

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