Point de Vue

By Alsacienne

Protests and rallies

Got a two-for-one today.

First, a protest around the Capitol (the US' Congress) as part of a series of them this week, leading to Congress going on recess for a week -- because, poor senators, they work so hard... The theme is of course the despicable health care plan that is due for a vote when they return from their vacation. In its current condition, some 400 of the richest people in the US would get a tax break at the expense of 750,000 of the poorest or most medically challenged people losing coverage. In what world reality can this even make sense???

Then, for a change of pace (see extra), a rally organized by the Committee that is sponsoring D.C. as the next city to host the Gay Games (# XI). It's down to three cities (D.C., Hong Kong and Guadalajara) and there was lots of enthusiasm at the gathering. Much needed to lift my mood a bit: I feel as though I'm spiraling downwards...

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