Appalachian Brown

I came across this butterfly, an Appalachian Brown, while waiting for my husband at one end of a 6-mile run along the C&O canal.  

If you have been following my journal for a while, you may remember that my husband is on a quest to run all 184 miles of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath, which runs from Georgetown in D.C. all the way along the Potomac River to Cumberland Maryland.  He has now completed all but 20 miles and will do two more stretches tomorrow and the next day.  That will leave him with a 9-mile run in order to complete this quest, which he will probably do in September when the Paw Paw tunnel is open after being repaired.  He has been working on this for almost 30 years with many years off because he was too busy with work and family.  Now that he is nearly retired (only working one day a week), he is almost done.  

We are staying in Cumberland Maryland for a few days, which is over 2 hours from our home.  These runs involve me dropping him in one remote location and picking him up at another.  Thank goodness for GPS coordinates and the excellent maps provided by the National Park Service.  

Now that he has nearly completed this, I can't help but wonder what he will take on next.  There is a bike trail that runs from here to Pittsburgh.  Surely not!

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