Big cloud sky

Big cloud sky, with rain in the distance at DeSoto memorial. 
We took a trip out of our canal, down the Braden river and into the Manatee river to anchor the boat off of DeSoto Memorial Park and go swimming in the salt water coming in from Tampa bay & the Gulf of Mexico (see map). There were sections of the Manatee river where we could go 35 mph, safely -so we made good time. The swim was so relaxing and felt great! We also took advantage of this time to use a brush and scrub off the side of the boat while swimming around it! 

As we were leaving to go home, we saw the rain in the distance and we even saw a strike of lighting, many miles away. We looked at the radar map & Steve said the storm was moving away from us, but just to be safe, we headed to my mom's house nearby. I called and alerted her & she said, come on by! We had a lovely visit (Chloe too) and then Steve & I headed home after the storm had gone by. In our Scout boat, it only took about 35 minutes from my mom's house to our house. In the car, it takes about 25!!! 

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