To See The Bees & Butterflies Enjoying It Too..

The sun made an appearance today and I was able to have a nice wander around the garden, it's so lovely to see the bees and the butterflies out enjoying it too.

Eldest eventually made it home at 5.30am...oh to be young enough to party all night long again! So he slept until it was time for him to go to work.

Sushi spent the day at a friend's house and Mr Kit was out and about and doing stuff. There was no one at the yard as they had all gone to a show, so I found myself on my own with nothing to do... so I caught up on Blip..still some more to do I know...did some housework...yuck and generally wandered around the house like a teenager moaning that I was bored!

In the end I went up to lunge Milo, I am so pleased with what we have achieved this week...we can now:
- get on from the mounting block in the school,
- trot all the way round the school on both reins without stopping or spooking,
- walk over very scary poles in hand,
- canter on the lunge without falling in.

I am really pleased with that progress for week 1. We are both learning so much (I have never trained such a young horse before). We are taking it steady and each week I am setting myself a weekly progress target. For next week it is about getting him to confidently work outside the security of the school, I will update you again next weekend (for those of you who are interested).

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