Before and After

“Do you see colours differently?” asked a friend after my cataract operation on Friday.
This afternoon my eye began to clear so I carried out a little experiment.
 My left eye also has a cataract so the question was: could I tell the difference when I looked at this digital photograph, made many years ago while at Glasgow School of Art, first with the right eye (cataract removed) and left (still with cataract).
The result shocked me.
 Instead of the soft warm fuzzy focus I was used to the photograph suddenly sprung into cold sharp vision.
Later, using Photoshop, I was able to reconstruct the fuzzy image by applying blur and increasing the yellow.

Now I begin to understand why some painters see the world differently, Monet being the most famous example.

PS. The taps were of a sink in the Glasgow School of Art original Mackintosh Building later destroyed by fire and now in the process of being rebuilt.

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