Mono Monday

The first thing you'll notice about this image is that it's not in mono but it was taken on the first day of the Black and White workshop at LPH (Lakeland Photographic Holidays) when we had a day out on the Solway Coast in two locations at Allonby Bay. Some of my companions on previous blipweeks at LPH will be pleased to know that no photographic equipment was wrecked today. I do have a bit of a reputation for breaking things or getting them wet.

Day one of the workshop aims is to get out and take the shots that we'll be working on in day two and I think this is one of several shots that should work very well in mono. The weather in the central lakes was for overcast and windy weather while out on the coast it was lovely and warm with some breeze and conditions couldn;t have been better if it had been mid summer (oh yes, it was, I keep forgetting).

Lovely group including blippers Elspeth, GuernseySue & of course our leader John Gravett. Indoors tomorrow and just as well as it looks to be hammering down from dawn to dusk. I wonder what I'll be blipping?

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