Cloud Spotting

More grey mizzle this morning but an opportunity to get to grips with the dreaded tax return. I had a bit of an epiphany and having stubbornly pooh poohed anything to do with spreadsheets was gently introduced to the charms of Excel by Himself. Blimey!! It doesn't half make life easier - shhh, don't tell him I said that! A start has been made.

Just when my head was spinning the mist started to lift and a spot of warm blue sky appeared! I decided to risk another swim - it was heavenly! I reckon I was in for about 15 minutes - the water was so clear (nothing too horrible lurking Martin, but a lot of fish with little fins - pollock possibly?) and so buoyant, the inner mermaid emerged.

Other news, I received a fine for speeding in the post today. There is one spot on the way to Cork where the road suddenly goes to 60 (kilometres an hour) when you've been cruising along happily at 100. Sneakily, a gatso van is usually parked looking innocent in a layby and I was doing 69 in a 60 area.  An 80 euro fine and 3 points on the license. My own fault.

Note to cailleach: hopefully I've got the right tag this week, previous entries have been a bit creative.

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