the boys are back in town....

Our old friend Kjell (shell) is visiting from the deep south for a few days. He helped Keith to move the scaffolding from the front of the house to the back, ready for the second half of the roof. Very handy to have extra muscles on tap when these big things are being done. It also means the next guests can have an uninhibited view fromt their windows, which is nice.

I have been decorating the little alcove, repairing the ravages of the leaking roof. It seems to be working ok, and it all looks a lot less like a decrepit house, and more like a place that is loved. Which it is.

I have been doing windows today, with the Kartcher machine that Keith swears by. It goes pretty fast which is a big plus, but to be honest, my windows are streaky. Less dusty but streaky. Ho hum. Of course, Keith can carry on  cleaning the windows, since I'm a bit rubbish at it. good plan!

The gardening didn't get done either, but there you go. If you stop out late, and get to bed late, you get up late and a bit zapped. Tonight will be different, perhaps. Or not.

Anyhow, here they are - the boys. Standing on the spot where we have been wondering about putting a wood burning sauna. It would have some nice views as it's high up, and we could walk down some nicely installed steps to the shower in our bathroom without too much in the snow..... It is possible that this is next year's project, depends how much longer the other jobs will take! Mind you, we could just buy it, get it delivered and installed and then struggle through the snow in the usual way, by slithering down the slope!

But for now I have my duties as a hostess, so I'm off!
Posted this once already, but it seems to have done a runner.... so here it comes again.

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