Our balcony lilies are fewer in number this year, but they are a lovely golden orange. They made a good blip on a day when I've stayed home and inactive. I had pains in my legs yesterday that I haven't experienced in months, and to be honest I was a bit freaked out by the difficulties I had getting up the flights of stairs in the station, and getting home safely. I therefore rearranged the only meeting I had as a phone meeting, and declined a further invitation to a get together, and stayed home. I only ventured out to hand over a piece of kit that had been advertised on freecycle. Oh, and onto the balcony.

I treated myself to a more-or-less day off, in the sense that while I shovelled some emails, and sorted out a few minor editing jobs, I didn't work flat out, and allowed myself to watch a wee bit of Wimbledon on the laptop.

A sort of duvet day, but with the laptop on the knees keeping me warm instead.

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