Last Blooms

I never lock our front door. Mr K gets a bit cross with me but I am of the opinion that burglars don't generally check to see if the front door's unlocked, and if they're determined to get in then they will.
So I don't ever check if I've got keys or not when I go out.
Mr K left after me this morning and of course being the paranoid, over-cautious sensible man that he is, he locked the bloody door and locked me out.
On my precious, child free Monday.
I was all set to collapse onto the sofa and while away a few hours catching up on trashy TV and internet browsing after a weekend without it scrubbing, tidying and cleaning so I was less than impressed that I was thwarted by a locked door.
And a bit cross with Mr K.
And a bit whiny about it truth be told.
Luckily our letting agent has a key so I just had to pop and get it. Could have been a lot worse!
Then I did not very much at all until I had to go and collect the Little Misses.
When we got home we made blackberry and apple crumble with some more of our rubbish apples. I am currently falling into a bit of a sugar coma as I misread the recipe and put all the sugar into the crumble before I read that I was supposed to add half of it to the blackberries and apples. Oops!

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