Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

Summer Concert

A dash, no scratch that - a crawl home from work was inevitable, after all a 5pm departure from the office was unlikely to have progressed in any other fashion. The plan was to collect the girls from drama club, deposit one en route at a friend's house and arrive at the school at the time allotted for all musical performers arrival. 'A' had unfortunately neglected to bring with her either her recorder or piano music so a detour via her house was callled for which left just enough time for a prompt arrival at the stage door.

The doors opened a while early and as we sat eagerly awaiting the start, children chatted excitedly, wind instruments were tuned and music stands adjusted. One poor girl failed to get to grips with this latter task and despite her best efforts, managed to remove the top half of the stand, narrowly avoiding it all crashing down on the stage. She would later win much favour from the audience thanks to her solo vocal performance of something doubtless originating from a west end show. She was very good, Im sure even Mr Cowell would have approved!

Singing seemed to be the exclusive preserve of the girls which I thought a shame and although favoured by the boys, the drums were played by the girls too.

I think it was at about act 3 of 20 or so that I began to experience some discomfort. I am not one of the shortest of people as those who know me will agree, so those tiny primary school chairs were absolute torture. Now late into the evening, my derrière has not yet recovered.

Night night.

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