Postcard from Christchurch ...

... Pole Dance

Because I had to leave to the house for the people who are buying our house to do their per-inspection, I took a walk around the city.

It was a bit chilly but the sun was shinning that seem to warm things up a little. There was a few things happening around the city. A mural that was on a building was sadly being it painted over. Sad to see it go as I watched it being painted.

I seem to have captured shots with poles in them today... I thought the shot Top Left looked so funny with the construction worker half way through the fence. And the shot Bottom Right, that pole 'beam' must have been really heavy with the away they were walking. The shot Top Right there is a little girl running behide the poles. The shot Bottom Left there are just signs on the pole.

After a sunny morning this after there was light rain. It seems to be clearing now.

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