Purple Loosestrife ...

... is one of the wild flowers growing in the backyard. Other names include spiked loosestrife, or purple lythrum. The scientific name is Lythrum salicaria and is a flowering plant belonging to the family Lythraceae. It should not be confused with other plants sharing the name loosestrife that are members of the family Primulaceae.

Cherry on the cake was a cabbage butterfly that came flying/blowing by the wind on search for honey to the purple loosestrife. I just managed to capture that moment. How lucky can one be ... right moment, right gear. It's my contribuion to flower Friday #07. Big thanks to BikerBear for being so kind hosting this challenge for such a long time!

Thank you so much for visiting my journal, your supporting comments and stars on yesterday's "Impression ...". Very much appreciated.

In the enlarged version you can see the image against the black background of the computer ... 

Wish you all a weekend as pleasant as possible ... ;-)

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