Steve Dillamore

By Steve_Dillamore

My favourite photo so far

Picking this photo was the easiest choice I've made so far doing blips.

Not because I had few to pick from. On the contrary, I had some lovely sunset views but this photo stood out.

It was a hot day so after our busy couple of days we took it easy, stayed as cool as we could and read (and in Kar's case crocheted too)

In the evening we went back to the Passage du Gois for a walk across the causeway. It was a perfect evening. The air temperature was still hot despite it being 10pm and there was little or no breeze. As we walked back the sunset gave some spectacular photo opportunities.

This one seemed to capture it perfectly. The sun was in the right place, the roadway was paved rather than tarmac and there was a fisherman posing perfectly in silhouette.

It was a lovely evening.

On the way back to the house we came across a coypu crossing the road and I had to stop the car so that Kar could chase the frogs off the path!

And as we sat drinking coffee Kar spotted a shape on the window that turned out to be a tree frog eating the moths attracted by the lights :-)

Today was a very enjoyable day.

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