By scribbler

Scribbler MFA

Self-portrait in words and image.

“A narrative work beginning in medias res (lit., "in the middle of things") opens in the midst of action. Often, exposition is bypassed and filled in gradually." — Wikipedia


Grey head smiles 
at white head,
patiently waiting for
the lost word.

The embroidered story halts.
“Where was I going? 
I’ve forgotten my point!”

A helpful retracing.
“You were talking 
about art ... trees ....”
“Oh, right. I was drawing
tangled branches, when ....”

Shakily the tale resumes,
the speaker struggling to retain
the path she was returned to.

“Too much front porch,”
writing teachers warn.
“Begin in medias res
or lose the race.”

I still begin at the beginning
and get lost like Dante
in the middle of the res.

Friends nod and smile,
helping when they can.
We all get lost
on our own front porch.

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