By JillyMint

The final instalment

Phew! You say. I know you've been absolutely riveted to my journal over the last three days. Like watching paint dry.
"Has she nothing better to do?" I hear you mutter to yourselves. Yes, well I have actually - errr, let me think.
Let's face it folks. I think we have been very priveleged to see a relatively small number of wasps GORGE themselves on my apple of Sunday. I will leave it out for a few days more (just for Science' sake you realise) but unless anything spectacular happens I won't subject you to any more wasp photos. I know a few of you will be very traumatised by now. I'll do something cuddly tomorrow. :)))
Canon 1d; 420mm; iso400; f/8.0; 1/800"
Canon 1d; 420mm; iso400; f/8.0; 1/50" flash

and not one of you has asked why I'm using the big lens! (so I don't have to get too close - is the right answer)

Actually I've just looked at the set of three images. They have done a pretty good job of cleaning up the apple - maybe they do have a use afterall!

(If you are looking for wasp timelapse it is continued in my blipfolio!)

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