River of Flowers

By doffy

Thursday: Bangor Pier #Bangor

Such a lovely sunny day that after having a nice chat with my daughter I caught the bus to Bangor.
Got off at The Bellvue and walked down College Road, I worked in many departments and have lots of happy memories of the uni - less happy memories of sitting exams :-((
Onwards to The Pier, sun was beating down and I was glad of my hat. Saw a familiar face half way along the pier, my Tuesday Gang friend DavidS - we stopped and chatted for a while then continued in opposite directions - me to buy a bottle of water, foolishly hadn't brought one with me!! Took a few snaps, see extra photo then walked up the High Street and had a delicious lunch at Follow Your Bliss http://www.followyourblisspt.com - I'll be retuning very soon!!
Walked up to the station to catch bus home and made myself some tuna & chickpea fritters.
Managed to walk over 10,500 steps ... tired ....

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