By YoungerDaughter

Decorated bedroom.

The Decorator finished painting our bedroom today :-) He didn't do the best job and there are a few issues I'll be raising with him on Monday but it's definitely quicker and easier than trying to decorate myself with little people running around and joining in! Just the lounge left to decorate early next week and then the damage caused by the leak will have been repaired :-)

A friend of mine popped over for a few hours this morning with her little boy who is 5 weeks older than Henry. We played in the garden and the boys enjoyed splashing in the paddling pool.

Theo brought home his first school report today. And I am proud to say it was brilliant with 'exceeding' in several areas (although I guess a child would have to be truely awful to get a bad report at this age!).

On-call tonight for work.

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