By Livingandloving

Shiny, Happy Dog!

Thursday we did a lot of housework in the morning.  Enough of this lazing around.....we need to clean our filth.  

One of The Hubby's friends came by with his family to pick out a baby bunny for this son.  It was sweet.  He picked just the right one for him.  I hope they are happy together.  

I wrapped up a baby gift for a friend, and Sugar and I ran to town to run errands and deliver the present.  It was so great to see my friend.  Her baby is due any day now......can't wait to meet this little man.  She loved the car seat blanket I crocheted for him, as well.  

In the early evening, we just hung out on the porch.  Topaz is exploring, and we are watching for safety.  Ivy is just hoping someone will throw the ball.  She is such a good girl.  So patient and kind.  She has had that pretty nose bitten by Topaz numerous times.  

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